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For beginners we offer the possibility to take your first breath underwater with the Try Scuba program or you can start directly with the Open Water Diver course.


No matter which start you choose, with us you can expect the highest professionalism combined with lots of fun.


Have you always been interested in diving and the underwater world, but you are not sure if it is really the right thing for you? Then this is the right course for you!

You will get a theoretical introduction about important diving skills, we will teach you the important hand signals and put you into diving gear. Then you will make a dive together with a Dive Professional. The water session takes about 20 minutes and our maximum depth is 5m.

Minimum age: 10 years


  • Please download the medical questionnaire and take the completed form with you to the introductory dive!

  • Please make an appointment with us a few days in advance. The earlier the better!

Open Water Diver

To become a real diver you have to complete a basic course, the so called Open Water Diver course (OWD). This course teaches you the basic knowledge of diving. After successful completion you will be a certified diver who is allowed to dive worldwide with a dive buddy up to a maximum of 18m.

The OWD course usually takes 4 days. We accept a maximum of 4 students per course and instructor. The course consists of theory sessions and water sessions, in which you will learn all important skills of scuba diving in order to make you a responsible diver. 

Minimum age: 10 years



  • Please download the medical questionnaire and take the completed form with you to the OWD course!

  • Please register in time for the OWD course via email or phone. The earlier the better!

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