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Felsige Insel


Here you can download our current and detailed price list. In the diving sector it has unfortunately become common practice to attract the attention of the customer with a price that at first sight seems to be very reasonable. The fact that in retrospect almost a third of the original price is added for certification and course materials, is of course unknown to most at the beginning. We deliberately distance ourselves from this kind of approach. Our prices are final prices - no hidden costs. 


Unfortunately, we don't accept girocards and credit cards yet. But we are already working on a solution. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via email to or via our contact form.

Example Divetrip:

2x shore dives with 12l filling (complete equipment including tank and weights available)

2x 15€ + 2x 11,40€ = 52,80€

if you still need the complete equipment and the bottle, then add 39€ + 5€ = 44€. These prices are for the whole day.


So 2x shore dive with a 12l rental bottle and complete equipment are 96,80€.


Do you still want a guide and a computer for both dives? In addition, 2x 15€ + 1x 8€ have to be paid.

So the all-in package 134.80€.

2x boat dives are 2x 14 € = 28 € additionally.

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